Want to be a part of the official campaign?


...by making your very own SneezeFrame!

  • SNEEZE PARTY!!!  Gather your friends and have a sneeze poooorty. Try to get each other to sneeze and snap it on your phone! Upload it on Instagram and tag @sneezeframe using the hashtag: #sneezeframe
  • Answer these 2 questions in your post: 
  1. What do you want to sneeze out of this world?
  2. What charity would you want the proceeds of your portrait to go to?

SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD and by doing so, you will have officially joined the campaign, for a chance to be a part of the next official SneezeFrame photoshoot in Los Angeles giving YOU a chance to raise money for your favorite charity.


DIY STEPS for your #sneezeframe portrait:

  • Take a look at our sneeze box tab on our website to get a closer look at our tried and true sneeze agents.
  • Using your phone, film yourself and/or your friends as you/they attempt to sneeze.
  • Once the sneeze is successful, take a screenshot of your favorite moment during your sneeze and upload! THAT's IT!


If you are interested in photographing our sneezers in an upcoming shoot, please submit your info below! 


GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to see your portraits!

Lets sneeze out the world's problems, one SneezeFrame at a time!


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