SneezeFrame is art with a message. It's a fun visual campaign captivating the art of a sneeze. 

Scientifically, our noses sneeze when overwhelmed with bad particles, and this biological reboot results in a reset. Like our bodies, society needs a reboot. In a world where time is focused on editing perfect selfies and social media shaming is preventing self love & acceptance of others, SneezeFrame inspires us to share in a human experience, serving as a reminder that we are all the same. Even in our most unflattering moments, like a sneeze, there is beauty---and that is celebrated in a very personal SneezeFrame portrait!


Our mission is to spread love and unity while bringing awareness to personal missions and giving back to various charities.

"Sneezing away the world's problems, One SneezeFrame at a time."  

Are you brave enough to share your #SneezeFrame?

Our brave sneezers are asked two simple questions during the session:

1. What do you want to sneeze out of this world if you could, something that you wish to eradicate for the sake of humanity? 

2. What charity would you like the proceeds of your SneezeFrame portrait to go to??

Now the challenge is getting our sneezers to do the deed on camera, head on over to our sneeze box to check out its contents.

Wanna get involved? Go check out our #SneezeFrame campaign.

SneezeFrame Special thanks goes to: Mack Sennet Studios, Hoplite Entertainment and our photographers, Jackson Davis and Justin Lufair.